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Law firm has highest standards

San Luis Obispo



This letter is in response to an article concerning the San Luis Obispo law firm of Hall, Hieatt & Connely (“Damage control,” Aug. 27). By either intention or implication, the article seemed to question the integrity of the firm and/or the firm’s relationship with its long-term client, San Luis Obispo County.


I have known HH&C partners Clay Hall and Jay Hieatt for the 11 years I have practiced law in San Luis Obispo.  I have known partner Mark Connely for virtually the entire 21 years I have been a practicing California attorney. Contrary to the implications of the article, it has been my personal experience that the firm and its attorneys represent the highest level of legal ethical standards and zealous representation of clients. Simply stated, these are honest, forthright, conscientious, and hard-working attorneys. The firm’s consistently good results on behalf of its clients represent unambiguous evidence of the quality of legal services they provide.

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