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Less out of our paychecks, more in our pockets

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While it appears that most politicians are focused on protecting their jobs, and not the taxpayer, Supervisor Lynn Compton shines. Compton has worked diligently to promote our local economy. She is practical, fiscally conservative, and ethical. Her opponent Jimmy Paulding, on the other hand, is using fearmongering to garner votes. He appears to ignore not only recent scientific studies that there is no toxic silica blowing from the dunes onto the Mesa, but also the devastating economic impacts that shutting down the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area would have on the entire county.

Looking over his donor list, almost all live in Trilogy, a neighborhood on the Mesa whose residents have been told that off-road vehicles on the Oceano Dunes are making them ill. Supervisors Hill and Gibson have battled to shut down the dunes, and Paulding would be a third vote. Paulding wants to increase the fees developers pay to build homes, which he says will promote low-cost housing. But it makes no sense that increasing the cost of building a home will create low-cost housing. Compton wants less out of our paychecks and more in our pockets. Please vote for fiscal responsibility, vote for Supervisor Lynn Compton.

Anamaria L. Unger

Paso Robles


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