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Let's get this county moving


The divide in the SLO supervisors' chamber is less political than psychological. It is a question of fear versus courage, progress versus inertia.

The conservative majority wishes to hold everything in check forever, maintain the old order of things, the established distribution of wealth and power.

It is tempting to imagine that everything might always stay the same. Change is challenging, even frightening.

But the reality is that change is coming, whether we deal with it or not. We may love our peaceful spot on the beach in the sunshine, but if a tsunami warning sounds, we might want to move to higher ground.

SLO County faces serious challenges: Diablo is closing. Cannabis represents an astounding opportunity. We must acknowledge the reality of the climate crisis. Homelessness is ever increasing as the wealth gap widens.

These things require dynamic, bold leadership. At times, we may not agree with decisions made, but made they must be. We cannot endlessly "study" things as a way to avoid action, as the board does presently under the conservative majority.

We need Adam Hill's insightful leadership, and Ellen Beraud's forward-looking vision. The future is not tomorrow. It is happening as we sit idle.

Sean R. Shealy

San Luis Obispo

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