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Let's not silence Al Fonzi


After reading four letters attacking Al Fonzi in last week's edition of New Times, three of which asked that his voice be silenced, I decided to reread his Aug. 15 Rhetoric & Reason commentary, "Stoking the fires of division," to try to understand what all the hoopla is about.

What I found was a well-written, reasonable reflection of a conservative's perspective of the state of mind of the left with regard to their strategies and overt actions against our president. I think anyone who would like to understand the point of view of most conservatives and Republicans should visit the New Times website and read Fonzi's opinion pieces.

What I take away from the four letters is that the political left has now moved into panic mode when it comes to dealing with supporters of President Donald Trump. They look at the many Democratic candidates vying to challenge him next year and realize that defeat is forthcoming.

They also now realize that he won't be impeached, that the Russia collusion hoax is over, and that nothing is likely to stop his re-election. Yes, digesting the overwhelming likelihood that they're going to see another four years of Trump only reinforces what we call "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

What the left fails to understand is that around half of Americans favor Trump over any Democrat and that includes folks in our community. It seems that the voices asking New Times to silence Al Fonzi are asking that this publication turn its back on half its readers. I mean really ... why would I read New Times if all comments were negative to Trump and insulting my intelligence?

The fact that so many letters were sent to New Times against Al Fonzi (I assume there were more than four) leads me to believe that what he has to say is really important to encouraging "conversation" between opposing points of view. And isn't that what the opinion pages of any publication are suppose to do?

Gary Wechter

Arroyo Grande

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