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Let's start a women's parade


So there is another "women's march" happening in SLO. Hey, I love women! I asked my wife what it is all about. She said there is no real message except they hate Trump.

Well, my idea instead of a march is to make it a parade! We have Cal Poly, which has won several awards for their floats. Yes, right here in our hometown! After viewing recent marches, including those back in Washington, D.C., where women were wearing hats that represent a woman's body part, it seems like Cal Poly could build a huge vagina float. We could have Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell, and even Babby Cakes (Barbra Streisand) riding on it.

Then, instead of a march, everyone could call it a parade. I mean who doesn't love a parade? We have them for the Fourth of July, New Year's, Thanksgiving, etc. You all do know that Reader's Digest named SLO one of the four happiest cities on earth. Yes, San Luis Obispo was named with Monterrey, Mexico; Århus, Denmark; and Singapore! Now that is something to celebrate. Not to mention Oprah Winfrey's shout-out about our hometown.

SLO Chamber of Commerce, are you listening? I bet you could even get Diamond Adult World to sponsor it.

Billy Welles

Morro Bay

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