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Listen to that, San Luis Obispo



Hey New Times! We may no longer be permitted “a peep” from behind the closed door sessions of our august Board of Supervisors (“Ashbaugh condemned,” Nov. 16), but we can’t miss the constant, thunderous, overhead noise of screaming jet planes and prop plane motors at 6 a.m. to know the nature of the cacophony that’s going on behind those closed doors.

It’s the sound of the nails being driven into the coffin of this hyped up “hapless town” as we try to sleep, the sounds of someone’s ox getting gored.

Yes we have sun, we have wine, and now we have the constant, thunderous overhead noise, day and night, even early Sunday mornings! Resounding off the Cerra Altos, Terrace Hill, and Madonna Mountain ranges, to destroy our “peace and quiet” much less ability to concentrate or hear another’s voice in normal conversation tones, or what is left of that essential quality of life variable, “sleep.”

Do we need open door chambers to suspect the “fix” is in? In civilized places, where common sense trumps greed, they make sure to graze their cattle in the footprints of their airports/runways and keep them very “short” to lessen impact on the population. Here we debate “overrides” to protective legislation instead.

In SLO we build virtual reality “housing” for people at $350,000 a pop and call it “low income”—for overseas “investors,” perhaps? Who else would buy them in an echo chamber of stone, in an earthquake zone, near an aging nuclear plant on two fault lines, with wells running dry? The desperate? The uninformed?

And we who already bought that piece of “paradise” hype in a coveted “Banana Belt?” Are we lost as the stone of these mountains turn our dreamland to … noise and aggravation with the FAA? Where’s Alex Madonna when we need him?

Time to lay odds: Which runs out first in “Happytown”: water? peace and quiet? or common sense to common greed? Whatever, it all comes out in the wash; that you can lay odds on, condemnation indeed.

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