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Look up; look out!

Morro Bay



Recently, illegal spraying operations have intensified over SLO County on a massive scale. The sky is obscured by particulate materials that have been released into the atmosphere from jet aircraft. This has resulted in a marked reduction in overall visibility as well as the presence of dust particle fallout. These are measurable results of the aerial spraying by aircraft. The fact that all of our media and government institutions choose to lie to the public and to conceal these criminal spraying operations does not change the facts.

If anyone needs convincing evidence, they should simply open their eyes and look up. Are we so busy that we have forgotten about the sky?  I can personally attest to the fact that mass aerial spraying is occurring. If the stark contrast between normal “contrails” and the hideous patterns of aerial spraying that have blotted out our skies is not enough to convince everyone that something is wrong, well, I have seen jets with my own eyes turning the “spray” on and off, leaving abruptly “clipped” trail patterns. I’ve seen the same jet then continue flying, not leaving any contrail whatsoever. This is physically impossible to explain as “condensation”. The presence of these materials in our atmosphere is a fact. The proof of these operations is ample.

  It should be obvious to anyone that breathing dust particles is a serious health hazard, to say nothing of what the actual composition of those particles may be. This is a crime on so many levels. It implies negligence and malfeasance across such a broad spectrum of trusted institutions of our society. But worst of all, I believe, is the simple assault upon the sky itself. I would like to know, will anyone speak up for the sky? It might do us good as human beings to take a moment to look up at the sky, something that should be sacred.

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