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Lots of liberals attack this country

Arroyo Grande



I wonder if people who write such hate letters (“Start the impeachment proceedings,” May 1) cry when our flag passes by in a parade? I wonder if they salute or pledge allegiance? I do all of these and more because I love this country of my birth. Also, I’m very proud of my country. I also do it to show respect for those who have died to protect our liberty, and the right for the Krejsas to write such inaccurate drivel.

Clinton was impeached. It had nothing to do with his zipper. It was because he lied. It is astounding to me how left-wing liberal kooks in this country ignore horrible things being done in Iran, China, Russia, and elsewhere. Instead, they attack our country and its leaders. I’m sure they don’t realize, nor do they care, that their actions hurt and anger me. And probably some fellow Americans who read New Times.

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