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Make some noise before it's too late




Have you read the Diablo (PG&E) nuclear evacuation plan? A simple fender bender on 101 will bring the highway to a standstill (try the daily commute from San Luis Obispo and you will know what I mean). Do you think it’s realistic?

PG&E should be mandated to construct specific buildings as mass evacuation way-stations; places you can go to for temporary shelter during the initial problems, when the roads are going to be least passable. PG&E currently designates school gyms and other buildings which are in no way resistant to gamma radiation or to most fallout or plumes from a nuclear emergency.

Simply designating a high school gym across the county line doesn’t cut it. Nuclear fallout, unfortunately, doesn’t understand county lines.

We need public outcry, not only Mothers for Peace, in order to garner some media attention to this problem.

Write your politician. (Lois Capps is at capps.house.gov/send-an-email.shtml) Other state representatives and the Governor: usay.org/states/california.

Make some noise. After all, it’s your life, your family’s lives, and everybody you work with, play with, see and count upon. Every day. Write now, call now, and make an effort, even if only one e-mail, to say:

“I’m seriously concerned that there are no realistic provisions for a nuclear emergency in our area. Make PG&E construct buildings that are effective, temporary evacuation and effort-coordination designations. A school gym or a library is not adequate or designed to protect me or my family and friends from gamma radiation, and the highways here are wholly inadequate for evacuation purposes. We need to act now; the time for planning is over.”

Writing a personal note is priceless; let your politicos know that this is important to you, to me, and to everyone within at least a 50-mile radius of Diablo Canyon.

Consider the last time you were on the freeway in rush hour traffic.

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