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Make your political support about nuclear energy



In a startling new study, scientists linked gas extraction in the Bakken Shale formation in the Dakotas to a 2 percent uptick in the atmosphere of the green house gas ethane contained in natural gas.

When burned, natural gas also leaves tiny particles of soot small enough to enter deep into our lungs when we breathe. These particles are associated with lung cancer, emphysema, asthma, heart disease, and other maladies.

The World Health Organization, American Lung Association, the American Heart Association, and many other sources have written about this causation for decades.

So fossil fuel is killing the planet with global warming and killing people directly, according to scientific sources. We must rid ourselves of it.

For my family’s sake, I support nuclear power because in 60 years of use, it has caused only a tiny handful of injuries and fatalities. Further, there have been just two significant accidents, Chernobyl and Fukushima.

The UN agency responsible for reporting on nuclear accidents (UNSCEAR) says Fukushima killed no one, and released radiation is not expected to harm anyone. At Chernobyl, 70 firemen who rushed into the core to douse the fire died.

You undoubtedly have seen contrary numbers on programs like 60 Minutes. Next time look at who funds that program—BP, Exxon, Chevron, Shell, and many other fossil fuel companies.

Do something to protect your family. Today, talk to or write your government representatives. They can keep Diablo Canyon from becoming a dirty natural gas power plant.

Elected officials care about keeping their seat in office. Tell your representatives clearly: “Your support for clean nuclear power will determine whether I support or oppose you with my vote.”

-- William Gloege - Santa Maria

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