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Man's job is not to control nature


In my opinion the so-called endangered species classification is purely a political ploy. It is totally opposed to nature. After the creation of the world and its universe, two humans were next, then species of birds, animals, etc.

Over millions of years since, hundreds or thousands of species have died out due to drastic climate changes, land movement, loss of habitat, etc. Today is no different. Habitats disappear due to huge population increases everywhere. Forests are cut down and wild land is cultivated to feed humans, who the world and its universe were created for. Man was given dominion over animals, but must not abuse them physically. Today, in some nations, the natural food supply for whole species is disappearing. Species in remote areas are protected but starve to unpleasant death. This is anti-nature, cruel and unusual punishment. If nature is left alone, usually in time new species appear in places where they can survive. Animals in wild animal natural environmental parks are well looked after but limited. Man should look after man, and nature left to look after its own. That should be the law. These are all my opinions only.


James G.S. Hildick


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