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Maybe a knucklehead will be more aware ... nah

San Luis Obispo



I wanted to comment on the piece that was submitted by Jack Lukes (“Livin’ la vida local”) in the Jan. 17 New Times. I just wanted to say (not sure if he’s on the payroll or not), that it was one of the funniest “laugh out loud” pieces I have ever read. I have certainly had similar experiences of being around people that are so narcissistic or have such a sense of entitlement, that they have little regard/awareness of those around them.

Lukes wrote a piece that was not only hilarious, but also—hopefully—that might have some knucklehead identifying and being a little more aware (OK, not likely).

Anyway, here’s to having more writers with provocative and entertaining pieces like that.

Thanks for your paper (look forward to every Thursday’s publication). Keep up the good work!

Ed. note: Jack Lukes of “Livin’ la vida local” fame is not a New Times staffer; he’s just someone who sent us something in the hopes of it landing on our pages—just like you, our letter writers! We received a lot of response to Lukes’ piece, though much of it was of the “just dropping you a line to say I liked the piece” variety (though one person said it reminded him of the Gandhi quote: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”). Keep the opinions coming, and you, too, could be generating love notes and hate mail. And maybe even reminding people of Gandhi!

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