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Media should report on independent party candidates



Bob Cuddy asks “What is Balance?” (Aug. 25), but what he wants is not more balanced reporting. It is reporting that favors his candidate and what he considers acceptable ideas.

If he truly cared about balanced political reporting, he would be calling for the media to report on the two other presidential candidates.

American voters are sick and tired of politics as usual in Washington and beyond. The support for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump prove that beyond any doubt.

They are eager to see and hear from alternative candidates and political parties.

Cuddy’s thoughts will not help solve the real balancing problem, because it is not unfair coverage of Clinton, rather it is no coverage of other candidates with a chance to win in November 2016.

Wikipedia ranks the “independent” and “other” political parties according to ballot access to 270 Electoral College votes.

They are: The Libertarian Party (Gary Johnson and William Weld, both former governors) and the Green Party (Jill Stein, M.D., and Ajamu Baraka, African-American human rights activist).

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