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Memo to Dawn Ortiz-Legg: No more Adam Hill-style corruption


In a speech accepting the governor's appointment to replace now-disgraced former San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill after his death, Dawn Ortiz-Legg said she wanted to carry on his legacy. Then she began her campaign to name a park after Hill.

Hill and she were close personal friends. He made her his planning commissioner and she voted to approve Helios Dayspring's River Road cannabis project.

Ortiz-Legg continued her support of Hill and cannabis even after the FBI raided the county building, Hill's home, and several politicians and businessmen he was affiliated with. Dayspring later pleaded guilty to bribing Hill for votes under an agreement he would help the feds with their ongoing SLO County corruption investigation, which appears to be a nonissue for Ortiz-Legg who wants to lower requirements and oversight of cannabis.

I believe cleaning up county corruption should be the Board of Supervisors' top priority. And that those who are not paying bribes should be able to get a permit to build a shed in less than two years.

Jeannette Watson

Arroyo Grande

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