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Mixed messages

Grover Beach



 I’m having trouble trying to reconcile the mixed messages I keep getting from the state parks. On one hand, they fostered a big beach cleanup in honor of Earth Day, yet they want to hold themselves exempt from the smoking ban along our beaches. Go figure!

Here’s a message to kids from the state parks’ website: “The Litter Getter Program will keep you earning prizes throughout your visits to California State Parks, and at the same time you’ll be helping protect our wildlife. You’ll be helping to keep the parks clean, while learning about how you can make a difference.” OK, so why should kids devote effort when all the butts from the ODSVRA will wash up along the rest of the beaches at high tide?

It’s too bad the department allows the ODSVRA to be a public ashtray. Instead of paying lip service to cleanup efforts on Earth Day, the department should start walking its talk, and do some serious housecleaning—in its own offices.

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