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Nature bats last


"She's self-promoting." "She's opportunistic." "She's always seeking attention." I keep hearing that from certain sectors, usually elderly. Yeah? Just show me one political leader who's shy and quiet and keeps to the shadows. Of Heidi Harmon I speak. But right outta the gate, years ago in her Rosie the Riveter State Assembly campaign phase, what did she just rant on about and run her campaign on? Climate change, remember? Who cares if the red rose is a schtick? Or if an interview in the recent California water documentary is typical? Or if her image or name or lipstick is constantly in the local media? That's called messaging, folks. And if she pushes everyone in SLO to ride a bike or walk because of insane parking and infill and smart growth, well, so be it. She is consistent about her mission. And that issue alone trumps 'em all for me. Nature bats last.

Good old T. Keith Gurnee, rechristened as a Dem before running against Heidi for mayor. Nice try TKG! But I've read your letter-to-the-editor grousings for oh so many years. Never did I see any shred of the L word but more like chapter and verse from the CrankyOldWhiteManClub. Now you're a Dem? Does a tiger change its stripes? C'mon, park your car in your driveway instead of the reviled bike boulevard and buy a trike. TK, did you know we're in a world of hurt? Adaptation and sacrifices are called for, not conserving the status quo at all costs.

I read that Heidi has sung silly songs to the toddlers every well-attended Thursday at Boo Boo Records. For 20 years! I call that genuine, humble, and unheard of in the self-important world of suits. Anyone who is not terrified of the intensifying nature of what is happening in our climate now should put the iPhone down, pause the video games, and just walk outside. Or simply read. Keep beating that drum Heidi. It's all we got.

Richard Teufel

Edna Valley

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