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Nipomo skate park is moving ahead as promised


On the same day that an opinion in the SLO Tribune asked where Supervisor Lynn Compton was on funding for Nipomo parks, she was at a public workshop where an architect unveiled three design options for a Nipomo skate park. For more than a year, Lynn has battled supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson for monies to pay for the park's design.

After discovering development fees from construction in Nipomo were used to build a skate park in Los Osos and a bike trail in Avila Beach, Lynn fought for South County children. This year, Lynn secured funding for the design. Next year, she plans to secure funding for construction.

To say that her opponent Jimmy Paulding gets things done because he has worked for a little more than a year as an analyst for a building contractor is a stretch as is his claim that he was the project manager for the company's two largest projects, the women's jail and the airport expansion.

While Lynn was at the workshop discussing the three skate park options, Jimmy was notably absent. Thank you, Lynn. Keep fighting for our children.

Tom Dawson

San Luis Obispo

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