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I have some questions about the solar plan for the plain

Regarding the proposed solar panel installation on the Carrizo Plain, some questions come immediately to mind.

Based on the photos I saw, it looks like the panels would be very close to the ground. The plain has endangered animal species: tule elk, pronghorn antelope, kit fox, and California condor, among a dozen others. How it would affect them?

How many acres would be taken over by the solar array? How much human activity will there be, and what would be the resultant ecological damage?

What is the expected life of the solar panels? From what I read and hear, installations of photovoltaic systems are still not financially feasible. What will happen when the panels quit working? Will the owner just abandon the installation in a few years? How do we know the owner will not just declare bankruptcy to avoid removing the useless system and restoring the ecology?

Roy Berger

Arroyo Grande

Thanks for helping strengthen democracy

Excellent article about the Board of Supervisors of SLO County ("Together, going it alone," April 24). They are often split 3 to 2 in their vote. The three vote often ignores staff and Planning Commission recommendations. The three vote is typically in favor of "developers."

Compliments to Patrick Howe in researching it and New Times for printing it. An informed citizenry is the strength of a democracy.

Bill Denneen


Get ready for the June 3 election

Let me get this straight: County Supervisor Katcho Achadjian says he changed from a swing voter to a rabid pro-growther, joining ranks with Harry Ovitt and Jerry Lenthall, because "previous incarnations of the Board of Supervisors were more 'extremist,' and this one is more moderate." ("Together, going it alone," April 24) So, to be a "moderate" now means that you should routinely approve projects which are illegal, which violate the General Plan, which are inconsistent with the California Environmental Quality Act, which completely ignore the advice of staff planners or the Planning Commission, or which give special favors to cronies and special interest groups (POPRs, Mike Ryan, private developers, etc.). Okay, now I get it.

Patrick Howe's article really shows why the June 3 election is so important for the future of our county.

In the 5th District, challenger Debbie Arnold wants to be a clone of her mentor, Mike Ryan, the real estate investor in a cowboy hat. Didn't we learn our lesson the first time? I'm sticking with Jim Patterson. Jim is smart, dedicated, fair, responsive, honest, and wants a healthy economy as well as sensibly managed growth.

Fed up with Jerry Lenthall, many folks in the 3rd District are strongly supporting Adam Hill. Adam knows the issues well and has presented his positions intelligently and openly. In contrast, Mr. Lenthall has no answers.

See you on June 3!

Michael Sullivan

San Luis Obispo

Learn the truth about Jim Patterson

The 5th District incumbent county supervisor, Jim Patterson, is courteous, hard working, and well liked. He's a known quantity because voters can judge him by his first term.

According to common political practice, the most effective way to defeat a popular incumbent is to cast him in a negative light. Question his honesty. The more outrageous the rumor, the better.

As a Patterson supporter, I've been asked questions about Jim during this campaign that were based purely on false rumor. I'm concerned that there are a lot of other false rumors circulating about him, and I'm frustrated that there is no way to even know what's being said, let alone give an honest response.

If people want to check the facts about Jim, including things they have heard as rumors, I urge them to check out his website at www.WinWithJim.org, phone his campaign headquarters at 462-9482, or e-mail his campaign at [email protected].

Make no mistake, there is big money riding on the outcome of the June supervisorial election, and unseating Jim Patterson is a major objective of those who could make the big money. I hope voters go to the trouble to get answers. This supervisorial election is too important not to.

Della Barrett


Don't vote for a shortsighted supervisor

Wine and tourist industries, listen up. Jerry Lenthall and Harry Ovitt threw millions of free advertising dollars, which would have benefited your industries, away last year. Both of these supervisors opposed trying to add the Carrizo Plains as a World Heritage Site.

They let the oil interests from Taft and the paranoia of a U.N. takeover blind their decision making. Had the Carrizo Plains been selected as a World Heritage Site, information about it, along with SLO County, would have been distributed to every travel agency around the world for free! International tourists would want to come to this newest site recognized as a special place in the world. This kind of distinction is what tourist areas crave. So, why did Lenthall and Ovitt throw it away? Their special interest friends were more important than the economy of this county.

Again, if you are in the wine and tourist industries, do you really want to support someone as shortsighted as Lenthall and Ovitt? In these times of dwindling tax dollars and high gas prices, why throw away such great international advertising?

The clear choice is to vote for Adam Hill and Jim Patterson for Supervisor.

Ric Deschler

Morro Bay

Do your homework before voting

Several months ago, I attended a "tea" for Adam Hill to learn more about him and his vision for making our county a better place.

During the past few months, I have become appalled with Mr. Hill's actions, which I believe speak louder than his words. Rather than explaining how he is going to improve our county, he has focused his energy on negativity toward Jerry Lenthall, which demonstrates his leadership style and true character.

I don't always agree with Lenthall's decisions, but I totally respect him and I have never seen or heard Mr. Lenthall bad-mouthing those who don't believe in his views. I am saddened that Adam Hill, who could have received my vote, has now lost it completely. I will not support anyone who puts down others (or opponents) to make themselves look good.

I was interested in learning more about Adam Hill's qualifications as a part-time English professor. Hill speaks of "integrity" on his website, but when I went to polyratings.com to learn more about his character, I was shocked by some of the comments former students had made.

I hope fellow voters will do their homework before voting.

Morgan Edwards

San Luis Obispo

We've got your back, Jim

I've never really stood up for any politicians in my 28 years of being able to vote few, if any, ever met my criteria as worthy of much support.

There are exceptions, though, and Jim Patterson is one of the few who merits my support. I sent his campaign a check, to help get Jim re-elected as our supervisor.

As the former chairperson and elected member of CSA 23 and as a prior member of the ad hoc Santa Margarita Beautiful, I saw firsthand his dedication and desire to help the little community of Santa Margarita and his constituents in the communities he represents. It is my personal honor to stand up and endorse Jim Patterson for county supervisor.

Some years ago, after my granddad died and we were going through his belongings, I came across a book titled My New Found Land, which chronicled the travels of a young boy who immigrated to America. It was a nice story and was a good read, but I wasn't sure why it was with Grandpa's few highly valued belongings, until I came across a highlighted quote from a passage where a priest was counseling the boy who was afraid and wasn't sure of himself.

The priest counseled the boy with this advice: "Courage is something to hold tight to, tighter than tools and money. And if it is lonely to think of losing those things, it is lonelier still when you have lost courage."

My grandfather made and lost money and tools, but he never lost his courage. This quote is framed on my wall, and I turn to it and recite it when in the face of adversity.

I wish you luck and courage against the forces that are marshalling around Debbie Arnold, and know that I will be there for you, as you have been there for the citizens of Santa Margarita and SLO County. I voted for you because we were sick of Mike Ryan and now here comes Mike Ryan 2.0 running for supervisor. Courage, Jim. Courage. We've got your back.

Bill Leys

San Luis Obispo

Listen up, Barack Obama

I have some input that would help Barack Obama to deal with this incessant Rev. Wright clip, but it is difficult to pass it along to him. Maybe his staff will read my e-mail. In the meantime, I am sharing it with you.

I am writing as the daughter of a Church of the Brethren minister and a Bible scholar, two parents with masters' degrees, and lifelong learning.

Ministers are not obligated to support the government. That is not their job. Ministers speak from the Biblical narrative, which includes prophets who told the kings that they were off track, cautioning them in no uncertain terms that they were moving away from God. That is exactly what Rev. Wright was doing in his sermon. He is a good preacher, and Barack made a mistake when he said he did not approve of the message. That set him up for, "Why did you keep listening?"

Barack should make it clear that Rev. Wright was doing what good preachers who are grounded in the Biblical narrative do. It is not Rev. Wright's job to be a patriot; he is a minister and his allegiance is to God. Barack is in a better position to be a president and leader of the United States of America that he loves by having an ear to dissent.

Adrienne Dickinson

San Luis Obispo

Where's the party?

In the main, there are two parties in the United States, and the American people are not invited to either of them.

The Republicans do not hide their belief that corporate interests are paramount. So, too, the present Supreme Court as evidenced by their recent ruling that private property rights are subordinate to corporate interests.

The Democrats mouth their disdain of Republican (corporate) views but most often vote the opposite (Iraq war, NAFTA, Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, suspending habeas corpus, etc.).

I am reminded of the disillusioned voter, who, when asked, "Are you a Republican or a Democrat?" answered, "I am."

Charles Anderson

Pismo Beach

Start the impeachment proceedings

My wife and I simultaneously answered a phone call Sunday from a Democratic National Committee (DNC) representative seeking contributions to help our new president have a strong Congressional majority by defeating Republicans in weak districts.

Simultaneously, we interrupted him to say that the DNC will receive no money from us until House Speaker Pelosi allows introduction of impeachment hearings against Bush and Cheney. He said Democrats don't have enough votes to do that, but, in eight more months, the "wrongdoings will stop."

Wrongdoings? Doesn't the DNC get it?

Bill Clinton was guilty of "wrongdoing" against his wife for pulling down his presidential zipper!

But the administration has violated international treaties illegally invaded Iraq, killed and terrorized thousands of its citizens, and created millions of refugees tortured and suspended the human rights of thousands of alleged prisoners etc. At home, Bush has trashed civil liberties and issued signing statements that mock the legislative process.

The DNC calls these "wrongdoings." We call them impeachable crimes and offenses.

At noon, on May 1, we will appear at Mrs. Capps' SLO office and ask that she join House Democrats already in favor of immediate hearings on potential impeachment proceedings against Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. Join us?

Dick and Julie Krejsa

San Luis Obispo

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