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GALA is about inclusiveness, not reverse discrimination


After reading Bob Spielman’s letter, I felt it necessary that the “leadership of the SLO County gay coalition� respond.

As one person, my views and actions do not represent the gay community, just as one man’s letter does not represent an entire city, and just as any two people do not represent their communities. As a member of the board of GALA (Gay and Lesbian Association) of the Central Coast and South County, I know that no order was ever sent out or even discussed. Such a thing is not even considerable since the gay community is made up of so many different people from all walks of life, including Republicans. I agree that any such order would not “foster acceptance, peace, and harmony,� and that’s why San Luis Obispo and GALA have been working together for many years to create a welcoming community for all.

As much as I would like to list all of GALA’s accomplishments, I only have 250 words. I encourage anyone seeking more information to check out our web site (www.ccgala.org), e-mail us, call us at 541-4252, or drop by the center.


Holly Furness

GALA Board and community member

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