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This is a problem for more than San Luis Obispo

As a side note to "We don't need more million-dollar homes" (May 17), unfortunately this practice is happening way too often and with increasing frequency not only in San Luis Obispo and its surrounding communities, but everywhere. I ask readers to please take a minute and visit www.savedonnersummit.org. Thank you.

Michael Douglas

San Luis Obispo




'Tread' guidelines are taken too lightly

I am eager to share this interesting find. The Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Division of California State Parks has a published pamphlet that boasts they are advocates for environmental responsibility. The pamphlet outlines the principles of "tread lightly!", indicating SVRA participants should:

Travel responsibly,

Respect the rights of others,

Educate yourself,

Avoid sensitive areas, and

Do your part.

While examining the current SVRA conduct, the glaring disregard of the above concepts can be observed: lack of "respect (of) rights of others, including private property owners ," not "complying with signage and barriers," no "avoid(ance of) sensitive areas such as streams, lakeshores, wetlands, and water crossings (which) protect fish and wildlife that depend on these areas for survival," and no one "do(ing) your part by leaving the area better than you found it, properly disposing of waste ."

It is apparent from the weekly mass destruction and disrespect that most of the SVRA participants utilizing the Oceano Beach and Dunes are not familiar with this propaganda published by California State Parks. I feel it must be simply lip service to fulfill some kind of obligatory requirement mandated by some distant state and federal agencies. In my opinion, "Tread Lightly!" is taken too lightly. These pamphlet concepts are not being enforced at the Oceano Dunes or Beach. Perhaps the OHV Rangers should read one so they can enforce some of their own rules.

Christie Camphorst





If this war's worth winning, let's define 'winning'

Regarding Donald Hirt's letter to the editor in the May 27 Tribune ("Liberals stop terror), I recognized a kernel of truth when he said " it is in the interests of terrorists not to mount any further attacks in America that would intensify concern about them." This Memorial Day weekend reminded me of the many American men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice or have been grievously injured in service to our country while in Iraq.

But who defines winning in Iraq? And who is responsible for the extended stalemate we find ourselves in? On May 1, 2003, President George Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" when there had been 138 U.S. military deaths. Now that military death toll stands at about 3,434 with no end in sight. Win, lose, or draw, the buck still stops at the desk of Commander in Chief, President Bush.

Mr. Hirt's letter also mentions "If liberals are successful in forcing our defeat in Iraq ..." I don't think the current administration needs any help down this path. President Bush led us into this ill-advised war more than four years ago, with no plausible definition of winning. I hate to think that he plans to continue sacrificing young volunteer service people for the foreseeable future. If the war is worth winning, let's first define "winning," then commit together and reinstate the draft in order to win. The sacrifice should be shared by more Americans or it must be stopped.

1st Lieutenant, USAF (inactive reserve)

Anton J. Vesely

Los Osos




Medicare payment gap shortchanges the county

Are San Luis Obispo County residents entitled to access the best physicians, hospitals and other health care services? Do our health care providers deserve the same Medicare reimbursement rates as their peers in King City and other California cities and counties?

Forty years ago, when Medicare was in its infancy, our county was designated as rural with a lower cost of living, but that has not been the case for many years. More than a hundred physicians have left the county since 2000 due to low Medicare reimbursement rates, rising business costs, and high cost of living. The current Medicare system with its imbalanced reimbursement system must be corrected.

Recently, the county Board of Supervisors joined forces with five other counties in filing a claim against the Health and Human Services Department seeking to recover funds from Medicare underpayments to health care providers. Congresswoman Capps believes there is currently hope for change. Congressman McCarthy has stated the importance of fixing this problem. Momentum is building. The time is now for citizens to raise their voices loudly and persistently to demand equality for our county.

The League of Women Voters of San Luis Obispo County intends to take action on this urgent issue. Watch for a public forum later this summer that will involve and inform our citizens. Together we can make a difference.

Donna Sullivan, RN, MS

health issues and action director

League of Women Voters of San Luis Obispo County




We're paying the price of being alert

America has decided what price we're willing to pay to safeguard ourselves and our children. We're at war, yet only the military and their families are sacrificing. The rest of us live as usual no price there. We know that the "threat level is elevated" for flights, but we all keep flying just the same. We know hundreds of terror attacks have been avoided by our improved security worldwide. And a lot of that is because we everyday citizens have been reporting suspicious, uncommon behavior to the police.

We're keeping our children off of Internet sites that teach them how to become terrorists, make a bomb, join the Islamic jihadists. It's all there they don't have to go to a foreign country to be trained.

So the price we're paying is just to be alert and aware that a lot of people are out to kill us, and we're not going to let them. Keep on protecting yourself and your children, and I will, too.

Joanie Brown

California Federation of Republican Women Homeland Security Chair, San Luis Obispo



Get ready for all-new leadership

New Times is to be congratulated for Bob Kamm's excellent opinion piece, "Brace yourself! Here's a citizen's guide to the coming hail storm of hype." Kamm's thoughts endorse the dialectics of hope. I believe this is where the political process becomes balanced by the thoughtful consideration of issues where individual ideologies present their thesis and/or antithesis of that which is truth and should be expected. Kamm's piece should be pasted on the wall to be read and reread during this political season leading to the presidential election in 2008.

I would suggest that an informed electorate should also consider the systemic implications of the individual nominated to run for the presidency. By that I mean not only the nominee's positions on the issues but those individuals the elected president will probably bring to his cabinet. We will be inducting a total new leadership to the Oval Office in 2008 and it is a big event not only for the country, but also for the world.

Otis Page

Arroyo Grande




Long live the homeless hippie

Here in the United States, 10 percent of the population owns 90 percent of the wealth, and 90 percent of the population owns 10 percent of the wealth.

How did the rich get rich? By lying and cheating and stealing and killing. How did the poor get poor? By turning the other cheek. Here in the United States, we have a fa¡ade of "democracy" over a plutocratic oligarchy. But, of course, the real problem here in the United States isn't robber barons or their complacent victims, but the dissociative outcasts who will not steal from the rich to give to the poor, who will not work for the company store, and will not give in to the lie that the American Dream has become. Long live the homeless hippie who begs for liberty.

Karl Brown

San Luis Obispo




Poison is cruel

I recently read how rodent poison is killing off our local wildlife, i.e. hawks, eagles, falcons, owls, coyotes, and bobcats. When these predatory animals catch a rodent who has eaten poison, they too will die from the poison. In the case of the birds, if they share their kill with their babies, the babies will die too. I believe we need to teach our children respect for these magnificent creatures we are now killing due to use of rodent poisons.

I encourage your readers to use old-fashioned mouse/rat traps. However, when they are used outside, be sure to cover the trap with a shoebox that you have cut a tiny hole into and place a brick on top of the box to prevent small birds and cats from being harmed.

None of us want to live with rodents, but the poison sold to kill them is terrible and cruel. Rodents suffer for six days prior to their death. Traps are more humanitarian. I believe that PETA sells humane traps for those who prefer not to kill rodents but are willing to relocate them. Contact peta.org.

Hazel Mortensen





America needs to wake up

The national news media in this country has proven to be a bought-and-paid-for outlet for corporate interests, as evidenced by the factional coverage given to the recent debates by "unbiased" and "impartial" outlets such as Fox News and CNN.

We need to watch and listen to the candidates ourselves and judge what we see and hear without their vitriolic diatribes denouncing candidates not on their approved list.

If America decides our future based on the corporate media's information and slanted opinions, we will get what we deserve both globally and nationally.

The only candidate I have seen with the courage to speak the truth is Dr. Ron Paul. His message speaks to many dissatisfied Americans in this time of runaway inflation and poor foreign policy decisions.

The man has been belittled and characterized as a fringe candidate by the right and left, as they cringe from his message.

As he has said, he is not running to be president of the Republican Party, but of the United States. Let us elect a man who will give us back our country, not serve the money that gets him elected. Ron Paul is the clear choice for America and will bring back the respect that America used to deserve both at home and worldwide.

I urge you to watch the debate on June 5 and decide for yourself!

J. Chris Lindsay

Los Osos

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