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No way you'll print this, stupid




I understand that journalists may have an opinion protected by our Constitution and many times I have agreed with the “liberals,” so to speak, on many issues and, in fact, was far ahead of them on conservation and the environment. However, I now see very clearly how the “pointy-headed intellectuals” use the valuable freedom of expression. Exactly, [Russell] Hodin, what have you ever done for your community? You sit on the sidelines and yap, and your yapping has overstepped the bounds of decency.

The cartoon on page 16 of New Times (July 24, 2008) portrays some very decent people in the only way a true coward would hide behind a computer and yap. All of these individuals have given far more to their communities than you have, and continue to do so. I’ve never heard your name in philanthropy. They planted a vineyard, that’s agriculture, and you bitched. They are trying to reach a compromise responsibly with all the idiots who think they “own” the ranch. Unfortunately, owning real estate comes with expenses. Too bad William Lyon Corp. (huge housing developers) didn’t buy it! You idiots could have put up the money (if you had it) to buy it for posterity, however, you were too busy covering your posterior.

You don’t ever recognize good people who are trying to compromise over something you have no right to dictate. And isn’t it funny? They’re trying to work with everyone, and if I were these respectable individuals, I would be getting a bit tired of those who can’t ever be satisfied unless you “give” them what they want. You should be ashamed! As I said: I’ve never seen you give one thing to your community. I know that the owners of the ranch have certainly done so.

Therefore: I consider your opinions from now on … moot, stupid, demeaning, and ... typical … thank you. I doubt your honorable periodical will print this.

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