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Oceano Meadow Creek Lagoon—here we go again


Out of last Wednesday's Oceano Community Services District meeting two old topics resurfaced.

From the Zone 1/1A Advisory Committee, it was announced that the temporary levee protection is ready to be installed. The levees along the creek in Oceano are to be built higher, and sheets of material placed on certain areas. OMG, let's stop drinking the Kool-Aid! Everyone knows that the weed willows, the silt buildup, over-grown shrubbery, etc., need to be removed. But the Regional Water Quality Control Board and California Department of Fish and Wildlife say that the steelhead and the red-legged frog must be protected. Folks, for at least the past 40 years, there haven't been steelhead trying to swim up what we call this mess of a creek. There are no red-legged frogs. The only living things in this environmental disaster are the homeless.

The Meadow Creek Lagoon Restoration project will probably again be money spent for duplicated studies, plans, and reports that, at best, will result in 2 inches cut off the top of the reeds.

Let's spend special assessment tax and grant monies using common sense.

Stop drinking the County Zone 1/1A Kool-Aid.

Joe Schacherer


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