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Oceano reconsiders CSD committee assignments


On Feb. 27, the Oceano Community Services District (OCSD) met to reconsider committee assignments after it had banned, with a highly controversial motion, director Cynthia Replogle from all assignments for this year. However, regardless of much debate and protest from both the public and some directors, and again with a single hurried and confusing motion, the board majority persisted in not distributing the assignments equally among the board members. Furthermore, the board did not reinstate director Replogle in her previous positions of expertise. The majority relegated her to two minor, backwater assignments while keeping for themselves the important and decision-making committees. In addition, the manner in which business was conducted by the majority of the board is disputable. We witnessed unhealthy interactions among directors, such as interrupting and outbursts. Hopefully, the coming election in November 2020, when three directors will be up for re-election, will bring a much-needed change.

Lucia Caslinuovo

Oceano Beach Community Association


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