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Oil trains are bad for the Central Coast



I moved to the California Central Coast two years ago because of the excellent quality of life it offers, including a beautiful coastline and clean, natural open spaces. Allowing mile-long oil trains to transport tar-sands crude oil through the Central Coast would degrade our quality of life. Oil trains would add air pollution from diesel engine exhaust and chemical off-gasing from stored oil. Oil trains would bring a black cloud of fear constantly hanging over our heads from the very real safety risk of a train derailment, explosion, and fire. This black cloud will negatively affect tourism, the local economy, and our peace of mind.

California has recently passed laws to speed up the transition toward a clean, renewable energy economy. PG&E has done the same by deciding to close the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant and invest in more renewable energy production. The proposed Phillips 66 rail spur project contradicts these transition efforts.

We all need to be moving in the same direction toward a clean, renewable energy future. Therefore, I urge all involved San Luis Obispo County government officials to make the right decision by rejecting the proposed Phillips 66 rail spur project.

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