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One opinion on SLO ‘Rep’


SLO “Rep” should still be a SLO community theater. Community theater. A creative outlet for all citizens far and wide. A repertory theater is, by definition, an exclusive club of limited, privileged performers.

When the longest continually running community theater in the country was replaced by Kevin Harris (Managing artistic director? Please.) and his enablers, it seemed no one noticed or understood the significance of such a change. It was the end of an era for our community, not some cultural upgrade and all the pretense that comes with it.

If Harris wanted a repertory, he should have started his own. And now he comes begging for our tax dollars because of COVID-19. Yes. COVID, the Karmic Strain.

I implore the powers to perish the possibility of financing this vanity project and spend our money on something philanthropic like food banks, homeless shelters, and drug rehabilitation centers.

Oh and full disclosure: My wife was the very successful development director for SLO Little Theater and would have known how to weather these difficult times. Her fundraisers, inexhaustible energy, and creativity kept the Little Theater always in the black. Her career along with our household income was severely damaged by this treachery. Bitter? You bet.

Michael S. Miller

Arroyo Grande

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