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Opportunity seems to be slipping away



The online poll asked “How do we end homelessness?” and 30 percent responded that only the individual can pull themselves out of poverty (Feb. 26).

Really! Tell that to some of the people out there on the street who have put in application after application with no job materializing. The 30 percent who gave that response either didn’t take the survey seriously, or they are way out to lunch on what’s going on in society. I’d say this supported the 27 percent who said the cultural mindset of homelessness needs to be changed. As for “giving homes” and social welfare, that is partially on the right track.

The thing that is missing with those responses is the incentive to work. Since crony capitalism isn’t providing enough living-wage jobs to everyone who wants to work, there need to be work programs to fill the gaps. Everyone should have a right to work so they can earn their food, shelter, and basic necessities of life. It is a complicated issue, but the bottom line is that people need opportunity in order to emerge from poverty. Sadly, our country seems to be losing opportunity every year that goes by.

-- Edmund Geswein - Lompoc

-- Edmund Geswein - Lompoc

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