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Ortiz-Legg should have recused herself long ago

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During the Feb. 15, 2022, SLO County Board of Supervisors meeting, 3rd District Supervisor Dawn Ortiz-Legg finally admitted that she has a direct conflict of interest on the closing of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant as she was an employee of PG&E leading up to and during her first few months of serving on the board of supervisors.

The FPPC law states that an official who has received income from a business may not make, participate in making, or use their position to influence any governmental decision publicly or privately for one year after receiving those funds that impact that business.

Further, the official is mandated to leave the room before the item is even discussed.

Her actions of routinely participating in all hearings, discussions, public debates, media interviews, and using her position to directly influence this important governmental decision while receiving funds from PG&E during the last year has violated this law.

She's the appointed successor to the corrupt and disgraced Adam Hill, who also appointed Supervisor Ortiz-Legg to the Planning Commission.

Laura Mordaunt

San Luis Obispo


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