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Ortiz-Legg's attack ads are in poor taste



Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s negative ads against Jordan Cunningham in the upcoming state Assembly race tell us much more about her than about him. I have known Jordan for many years, and served with him as a Deputy District Attorney in San Luis Obispo County. He is a hard-working, honest, and intelligent man, having graduated from the prestigious UC Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law. 

After he left the DA’s Office but before he began his own practice, Jordan worked at Adams, Moroski, Madden, Cumberland, and Green, a highly-rated law firm in Avila Beach. And yes, he was assigned to represent clients in criminal cases. Defendants have a right to be represented by counsel and to the presumption of innocence. Ortiz-Legg’s ads imply some guilt by association because Jordan has represented clients charged with crimes. She apparently does not understand the criminal justice system or feels that criminal defendants are not entitled to a vigorous defense.

Jordan’s work as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney makes him that much more knowledgeable when it comes to addressing the needs of law enforcement and of our citizens. I’m voting for him.

-- Karen S. Gray - Avila Beach

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