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Our future looks very diverse. So should education


The recent Tribune editorial "Calm Down. SLO County Schools aren't teaching children to hate white people" is a great example on how to logically and candidly respond to the absurd hysteria (in SLO County and elsewhere) that has surrounded critical race theory (CRT) since its inception 40 years ago.

A lot has changed since 1971. Most notably, this current generation (Gen Z: born 1997-2012) is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation yet and are on track to be the most highly educated (Pew 2018). Secondarily, ethnic studies (K-12 and college curriculums) have expanded into several disciplines and include multiple theories, of which CRT is one. These conversations are not difficult or accusatory. They are meaningful and productive exchanges that help students analyze how certain systems, policies, etc., have historically influenced the world they inherited and theorize possibilities for a better future.

It's time to recognize and support teachers' academic freedom to instruct accurately and inclusively without restriction on free and critical thinking. This generation of future leaders deserves the chance to end criticism of those deemed responsible for our humanitarian challenges and begin focusing on collectively working to abolish them.

Kimberly Gravell


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