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Over-the-counter pot?


The issue of using marijuana in SLO County goes way back ("Out of joint," June 2-9).

This writer definitely thanks Mr. Don Hornaday, father of the staff writer for New Times Mr. Jeff Hornaday, in making the positive observations about the Central Coast after moving from Lake Forest, Orange County.

May Mr. Jeff Hornaday be humbly reminded of my letter to the editor in New Times Dec. 5-12, 2002, titled "Give pot to the pharmaceuticals":

It is understood that the active ingredient of marijuana is indeed available as a prescribed medicine. There is hope for Mr. Jeff Hornaday's father to get the prescription to alleviate his pain situation.

Finally, please keep in mind all painkillers simply fool the brain without ever helping in either curing or making the affliction to be in remission.


Brahama D. Sharma

Pismo Beach

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