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Pet owners: Beware of wily coyotes



Sad to relate that my beautiful, black rescue kitty, “Mister Johnson,” disappeared from my yard on Veterans Day. He had never even left my yard before, and I think he got nabbed by a coyote. I see them running the hills and creekbeds near my Cayucos home all the time while out on my bike, many have been spotted in and around town, and they are extra hungry and thirsty with this prolonged drought.

It is easy to get into my neighborhood (18th Street) via the dry creekbed from the eastside cemetery, under the freeway, and coming out at 24th Street. They hunt at night, often two or more, and they will nab your cat (or small dog!) in no time.

I really miss my funny, gentle kitty and advise you to keep yours in at night so it doesn’t happen to you, too!

-- John Winthrop - Cayucos

-- John Winthrop - Cayucos

-- John Winthrop - Cayucos

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