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Pismo doesn't need more houses

Arroyo Grande



Save Pismo from unnecessary housing tracts, declining home values, water shortages, and loss of open space. On Jan. 19, LAFCO will vote on whether to approve the annexation of the Los Robles del Mar (LRDM) project (312 units) at the corner of Oak Park Boulevard and Old Oak Park. Pismo does not need more homes. Pismo has right now almost 600 build-out opportunities within its city limits!

Why ruin another open space with empty streets, driveways, and utility boxes, and why add more potential real estate to a declining market? Pismo is a unique and charming city whose wellbeing and income come from its beaches, beach activities, festivals, restaurants, hotels, and shops. This is where Pismo’s growth and planning should happen. Please contact LAFCO at slolafco.com to express your concerns.

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