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Project Amend deserves support

Los Osos



I am sad to hear how badly our local residential recovery program, Project Amend, is in need for funding to stay open for those in need of addiction treatment. I have learned firsthand how devastating drug addiction is for families and those we love, as we have personally dealt with it in our family. For years I wished for an excellent recovery program in our area, and recently was able to see Project Amend help my loved one to begin the recovery process in earnest. The staff is qualified, professional, and caring; the work of recovery there is intense, honest, and real. It would be a tragedy to see this state certified addiction treatment center fail because of lack of funds.

The process of getting state certification is long and tedious, not an easy path. There is a rampant drug problem in our county, and Project Amend has helped us tremendously. They worked with us financially and made it possible to get quality, affordable treatment in a setting where we could visit our loved one every week. If there is anyone who can donate, please give generously to Project Amend and keep the door open for real, authentic help. They really do deserve it.

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