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Renters: sewer means bad news for you


Renters: wake up! Smell the toilet that’s going into the center of town in Los Osos; it’s going to cost you! If your landlord currently pays your utilities, you’re lucky! But that will only last as long as your lease lasts. Once your landlord is faced with an approximate $6,500 sewer hookup fee plus a $150-$225-plus per month charge placed on his property-tax bill, who is he/she going to took to to pay these charges? Being a landlord is a business, a landlord’s business is to cover his/her debt service.

Let’s get real: The cost of the sewer is going to be passed onto you, in your rent, and no amount of appreciation (no guarantees are there for property appreciation; there is no “given�). Unless your landlord is a fairly godfather or fairy godmother you will have to pay, one way or another!

P.S., San Luis Obispo County has no rent control (excluding mobile homes), so look for a moving company, real fast! Your landlord can and probably will sell your rental house out from under you, because of the wonderful appreciation he/she has received from the wonderful sewer/downtown toilet stenchpot you’ve paid for, one way or another! Welcome to the high price of misinformation and/or ignorance.


S. Taylor

Los Osos


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