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Selling Grover's garden defies logic

Grover Beach



The latest word from Grover Beach City Hall is the plan to sell the fully utilized and developed community garden at 920 Brighton Ave. to the city’s redevelopment agency for a low-income housing project. The reason given for this action is that the city needs the money for their general fund to meet current expenses, and they could get money from the redevelopment agency through the sale. This short-term, quick-fix approach defies logic. The garden is in the Ramona Park project area and is currently used for community recreation. The garden promotes health, nutrition, learning, social interaction, community pride, and preservation of open space.

The city is having a protest hearing on the proposed sale on June 6. I feel that while affordable housing almost certainly improves the lives of those persons who are able to qualify to live in the project, the city should think of the greater good and not sell off our recreational assets that improve the quality of life in the community. They should stick with their plan to use Ramona Park area for community activities and public facilities.

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