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Sewer expense is unavoidable

Los Osos



Oh, boo-hoo, Ms. Schicker (“Sewer project would dispossess many Los Osos home owners,” Oct. 22). So, the Cassandra of the Cesspool feels unappreciated and persecuted. As one of the more recent neinsagers-in-chief and prophets of doom for Los Osos, she should not be surprised. It is precisely because of people like her that the constant harangue about the “economic cleansing” of Los Osos by the coming sewer may hold some grain of truth. The endless stonewalling and fantasy “alternatives” to the inevitable wastewater project have caused the price to rise (did she really think that litigating the proposals to death would make the end result cheaper????) and fragmented the community, not to mention bankrupted the CSD.

You can’t blame people for wanting to live somewhere “cheap,” but responsible adults should not expect to crap into a hole in the sand at the edge of a bay for as many years as Los Osos has been up and running and suffer no consequences. Like other people who pay for the services that divert human wastes away from bodies of water, estuaries, and so forth, Los Osans will have to pay the piper. If that means some of the run-down rentals that are sadly neglected by too many absentee landlords will be up for sale I, for one, will not be sad. I can only hope that at the head of any hypothetical “exodus” will be all the various infamous principals in this senseless saga, continuing to lead astray all of the people they have misled for so long. Good riddance.

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