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Shame on you, supervisors Hill and Gibson



Supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson have engaged in the most despicable behavior I have ever witnessed from our elected leaders: seeking the review of a scientist for testifying in front of the Air Pollution Control District Board (“State employee goes rogue at APCD meeting,” July 9).

Licensed Engineering Geologist and Hydrogeologist Will Harris knows dunes. The APCD prominently credited Harris in its dust study. The APCD has not one scientist or licensed engineer on staff.

However, when Harris testified to the scientific inadequacies behind the APCD dust rule, Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson viciously castigated Harris. Without support of the board, Gibson unilaterally corresponded to Harris’ boss on official county letterhead asking for apology and a review of his role as a Department of Pesticide Regulation advisor. On Facebook, Adam Hill falsely wrote, “Mr. Harris is not an expert.”

Worse, Gibson has done this before. In 2011, Supervisor Gibson traveled to Sacramento with APCD executive Larry Allen to meet with Natural Resources Secretary John Laird. Four days later, and merely two weeks before Christmas, State Parks Deputy Director Daphne Greene lost her job. Daphne was a vivacious go-getting Democrat originally appointed by Gov. Davis. 

One thing is clear: Honest science and civil debate have no home with Adam Hill or Bruce Gibson. Dissenters will be persecuted. 

-- Kevin P. Rice - San Luis Obispo

-- Kevin P. Rice - San Luis Obispo

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