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SLO could learn from Santa Maria

San Luis Obispo



After reading W. Henry Powers’ letter (“Caldwell’s a corporate shill,” July 30) I had to

respond to his incorrect statement that “Santa Maria overbuilt its way into foreclosure-driven oblivion.” It’s sad people can only justify their position by incorrect information. The foreclosure situation in Santa Maria is not as a result of overbuilding as Mr. Powers erroneously stated. The foreclosure problem in Santa Maria is just like that in any other community. It is the result of: individuals who bought houses they could not afford; predatory lending practices; and loss of jobs.


Santa Maria (unlike SLO) is now able to provide affordable housing for its most precious resource, its families: a rare commodity in the city of SLO. A foreclosure rarely sits vacant for long in Santa Maria. Contrary to Powers’ belief, the city’s development has provided it with many wonderful services (things SLO will never obtain) such as a community center, a new library, the ability to maintain its streets and infrastructure, quality city employees, and its greatest jewel: well-trained police and fire departments comprised of individuals who know the quality of their work is far more important than their paycheck, which is not true of my own police and fire department.


Santa Maria has taught me a lot.  It’s taught me that some people still believe in honesty and heroes. I hope someday I will be able to say the same thing about our community.

-- Michelle Tasseff - San Luis Obispo

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