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Socialists should take a powder

Baywood Park



D. Duane Wall II really typifies neo libs by hurling insults at Republicans and Senate Minority Leader John Boehner (“Remember this bozo?” Dec. 10). Instead of arguing the issues, Wall slams and uses childish, adolescent commentary over a major non-issue. He has a lot to learn.

Unemployment? New numbers show record unemployment, parallel to those of Jimmy Carter. Consumer confidence is at the lowest in 20 years. Freedoms and liberties have been stolen by socialist Democrats and Obama in record numbers, while they are pushing their failed and worn out socialist, confiscatory, mean-spirited, dark agenda. Meanwhile, the “Bamster” spends and taxes, regulates and wholesales our freedoms away. The president pushes socialized medicine in an attempt to criminalize those who can’t afford Obama care! And like all liberal cowards, he goes abroad, criticizing freedom and our Constitution.

Really, if Wall hates freedom and liberty so much he should jolly well move to a socialist country. At least discuss the issues with intellectual honesty.

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