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Some final words in this bailout conversation




I responded to a lady who wrote a letter, “Occupy San Luis Obispo,” because she thought financial institutions, Bank of America in particular, should not “run the country any longer.” I agree with her! In response to her letter, I suggested in a letter, “No more bailouts” (Oct. 13), that she should, “keep writing those letters to New Times, take [her] money out of Bank of America, and vote the present administration out of office so they can’t bail out Bank of America ever again.”

Even though I didn’t mention Obama, I was then attacked by another letter writer, “Obama isn’t corrupt enough for Wall Street” (Oct. 20), who claimed I didn’t know that Bush bailed out the banks. As a registered Democrat for the last 45 years, I not only knew who bailed out the banks, I was not defending Bush for allowing that mistake. It has been almost three years since Bush left office and our letter writer can’t vote Bush out of office—he’s already out!

What concerns me is that the old failed policies continue in the Obama administration. The government continues with two wars and has started another one in Libya and now sent troops to central Africa. The Obama government continues to try to pick winners and losers with bailouts and loan guarantees: General Motors (2009), Goldman-Sachs (2011), Chrysler (2009), and half a billion to Solyndra (2009). The government has the power and responsibility to say NO! It makes the laws, controls the courts, and has the power to police the offenders. Blaming these companies is like blaming a 2-year-old for being a spoiled brat while the parents think it’s not their fault.

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