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Some people in the community enjoyed No Shame

San Luis Obispo



In response to the Letter to the Editor in the Dec. 30 paper titled, “What happened to the Theatre?” by Mike Kee: Loosen up. There’s a reason “No Shame” started at 11 p.m. and was free. Everyone who didn’t want to see it should have been in bed.

To everyone who was offended by “No Shame”, whether you attended or not, feel free to continue to attend the works put on by SLO Little Theatre that you deem OK. But please disregard and do not attend any that you do not feel meet your standards, as there are many people who view things a little differently than you and enjoy these kinds of happenings in our little town. While SLO Little Theatre puts on many great plays more suitable for the regular theatergoers of all ages, it is also simply providing an outlet for everyone else, the creative talent who have no outlet in this town.

The theater held “No Shame” at an hour you wouldn’t really be able to walk into by accident, and never advertised it as anything other than what it was: An event that wasn’t censored. Not censored? How shocking!

As Mr. Kee pointed out, SLO Little Theater is a public property and a community theater. Is everyone who attended not a member of the community? From what I heard, they had a great turnout. Mr. Kee, I bet you know and respect a few people who attended and even enjoyed the event. I plan on attending the next “No Shame” Theater (scheduled for Jan. 28), as well as all future “No Shame” performances. It would be a shame to have my fun taken away from me.

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