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Someone's misleading voters



If Mr. Comar is willing to make false statements regarding my record, what other false statements has he made regarding anything having to do with the Walmart project?

Tom Comar’s letter in New Times’ Oct. 16 edition, “Don’t reward negligence,” deliberately misleads voters. He includes me in accusations of “dereliction of the public trust in approving or blindly supporting this project deal” regarding the Del Rio Road project associated with Walmart.

In fact, Mr. Comar knows that I was not on the Atascadero City Council nor the Planning Commission during any of the Walmart/Del Rio decision-making process; I was appointed to the council on December 2012, six months after the Walmart decisions were made. During that time, I was immersed in graduate studies and was not involved in the process.

-- Heather Moreno - Atascadero city councilmember

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