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Something I've wanted to do


Many kudos to Andrew J. Pridgen's opinion response to Mr. Al Fonzi ("Self-ownership," Oct. 28)! I have wanted many times to respond to Mr. Fonzi because he gets me so triggered! The thing is, everybody has an opinion, right? But how much credibility can someone have when they are never wrong or won't admit they are wrong? As Mr. Pridgen admirably points out, with just a sample of the misinformation in his "opinions," his articles usually have scant traces of factual information in them, and they've been published for years now. It is the same tired themes that Fox News, Glenn Beck, Donald Trump, and Rush Limbaugh have spouted endlessly for decades. How can they be right 100 percent of the time? You can't value anything someone like that says, because the truth is something they never have to deal with! Trump gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Limbaugh, Devin Nunes, and Jim Jordan for God's sake. WTF? So-called "patriots," bah!

Gary Benites


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