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Sorry, Lynn Compton: Doesn't work that way


During Lynn Compton's interview in a recent New Times piece, she referenced the San Luis Obispo Tribune viewpoint that I wrote criticizing the SLO County Board of Supervisor's failure to adopt reasonable, broadly supported affordable housing policy.

While I would have welcomed a thoughtful, respectful counter-argument regarding the decision, instead she quipped "You picked a profession that's not a highly paid profession, social services. You picked that profession, you come out of Cal Poly, and we owe you a house? No, sorry, kiddo. Doesn't work that way." Respectfully, Mrs. Compton, did you even read my opinion piece?

In the viewpoint, I shared my experience as a college graduate who must work two jobs to afford one room in an apartment. I shared my family's experience—which mirrors those of many young families—who struggle to put down roots in this community. I shared the experience of homeless youth who are left behind and live on the streets of your district.

We aren't asking for a house or a handout; we are hardworking people who want to earn our way. However, the status quo that you desperately protect fails to offer any foothold for those of us who are searching for opportunity in this county.

Your opponent Jimmy Paulding not only understands the members of his community, but he actually advocates for them. He stands with those who are fighting for clean air in Nipomo, or who are working to better the community of Oceano, or who are just plain tired of sitting in unreasonable traffic on Tefft Road and Highway 101.

It is for this reason that I took your advice and pursued a new career. Recently, I quit my job and am now working for Jimmy's campaign. Working people need a leader who will listen to and be a champion for their constituents, not one who derides them.


A 'Kiddo' for Jimmy Paulding

James Sofranko

San Luis Obispo

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