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Sorry not sorry?



Aren't fake apologies the best? They tell us so much about the "apologizer," like for instance the fact that they're not really sorry at all and if you think you warrant an apology, it's because you're a thin-skinned little baby-whiner.


"There was a post on my Face Book (sic) that offended some people (sic) I apologize if it was offensive to you. The post was deleted when this came to my attention," wrote Jim Harrison, who serves as SLO County Supervisor Lynn Compton's Planning Commissioner, on his Facebook page.

Let's parse this "apology" for just a second: The post offended "some people," meaning people who clearly have no sense of humor, right? "I apologize if it was offensive to you," which means Harrison isn't sorry for the post—at all—but is only sorry "if" it offended "you." He thinks the post was just fine! He's just sorry you were so easily offended, baby-whiner.

So what were these offensive posts? Just harmless fun? Slightly off-color memes? What? What? Lots of Jimbo's Facebook supporters really want to know!

"I must have missed it," Richard Malvarose commented. "Please post so we can see it again."

"Exactly what I was thinking," Daniel Buchheit chimed in. "Repost so we can all share it and offend some people" (sic)

Hardy-har-har. You sure have some swell friends, Jimmy boy. They don't seem to mind that you post stuff that says, "America needs to shut down all Mosques and ban Islam. Bet you won't repost this."

Dear Islamophobic ass-hat (or possible Russian troll) who wrote this meme, you lost that bet because Jim "The Hate Parrot" Harrison absolutely will repost this!

"Jimmy wants a cracker! Libtard! Snowflake!"

When some commenters called Jim out on his Islamophobia, his defense was, "I would agree if this were a religion, however it is a terrorist group that band and hide under the guise of being a religion."

Let's see, there are about 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, which is nearly a quarter of the total population. Do they know Islam isn't a religion and that they're members of a huge terrorist group?

What about the 3.45 million American Muslims? They really seem to be slacking off on the whole "terrorism" thing. Since the 9/11 attacks, white supremacists and other far-right extremists have committed almost three times as many terrorist attacks on American soil as Islamic terrorists, but oh yeah, the real problem are all the peaceful American Muslims who love the freedoms our country affords them such as the right to worship however they see fit. Hey Jim, do you remember that part of the First Amendment or only the part that protects your right to repost hate speech?

The First Amendment also gives another of Jim's commenters, Lynda Neitz, the right to second Jim's hateful anti-Muslim meme: "Yes; total assimilation or death!"

Really, Lynda? If Muslims don't reject their faith and become whatever your version of a "real" American is, they should be executed? Gosh, that sounds awfully undemocratic and decidedly oppresive. I didn't know real Americans liked to oppress the ideas of others. Sounds awfully North Korean.

Harrison also reposted a meme with an image of a donkey with a swastika and a caption that said, "The new logo for the Democratic Party. Socialism. Anti-America. Anti-Jews/Israel. Anti-2nd Amendment. Pro-Eugenics. Pro-Hate. Modern Day Nazi Party," and another meme with a faked up image of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dressed as a Nazi, labeled "Minister of Propaganda."

I'm guessing the irony of reposting propagandistic memes condemning propaganda is lost on ol' Jim, who's clearly too intellectually lazy to articulate his right wing positions himself and finds it easier to regurgitate the hate memes of others.

Mr. Harrison, you have every right to post this twaddle that you're so clearly fond of, but your fellow citizens also have a right to express their disgust at the offensive ideas you so clearly embrace. They also have the right to call for you to step down as a public servant, one who clearly isn't interested in serving all Americans, but only the ones who share your ugly views.

Take a moment and visit Harrison's Facebook page— facebook.com/jim.harrison.1029—and scroll down. Over and over you'll see boxes that say, "This content isn't available right now." Why? Probably because someone complained to Facebook, which removed it, or possibly because Harrison, in retrospect, realized it was offensive, stupid, or false.

Do we really need a public servant who's divisive, consistently exercises poor judgment, and is intolerant of others' views? It's hard to believe that Harrison was named Nipomo's 2019 Citizen of the Year. So what's the South County Chamber of Commerce going to do about awarding that honor to old Jim?

Harrison obviously equates Democrats with Nazis and Communists. He believes all Muslims are terrorists. He has no place in government. His "apology" lacked sincerity. Just because he was shamed into taking down his offensive memes doesn't mean he no longer believes their message; it just means he doesn't have the intellectual, moral, or political fortitude to defend them. Not only is he a hypocrite, he's also a wimp. He's the real snowflake. Δ

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