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Speaker Bass backed down




Once again I am disappointed that the Democratic leadership in California refuses to stand up, take a principled stand, and keep it. The proposed budget they have agreed to is just one more example of abandoning the people who elected them; another example of caving to a Republican minority bent on dismantling the state. Speaker of the Assembly Bass is letting them do it. If she’s going to give Arnold everything he asked for, why didn’t she cave weeks or months ago?
I really thought this time would be different. I thought that her actions and words showed that at least she, among the Democratic leadership, would stand up for our values. I am sorely disappointed there will be no revenue increases, no ending corporate welfare, no ending the pillaging of our natural resources by the oil companies. In fact, the Speaker agreed to let them drill more off the Central Coast: That’s unforgivable.
Bass and the other leaders agreed to severely cut the crown jewels of public higher education in the country—the Cal State and University of California systems.  She’s put the nail in the coffin of the Education Master Plan. She and the other leaders agreed to massive cuts in all of the safety net programs, which will lead to more illness, destitution, and deaths.  I thought the Democratic leadership had developed a spine again. I was wrong. 

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