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Speeding, dog poop, and other stuff that makes me mad

San Luis Obispo



I have a few issues: Cal Poly students are already speeding through our neighborhoods with stereos blasting and flying by way over the speed limit. I have already had tailgaters that can’t wait to get around me, only to end up at the signal when I do. Please, please slow down and stop texting and talking on your cell phones while you drive.

Another issue is: What do dog owners not get about picking up after their dog? The other day, I was walking my dog through Sinsheimer Park and there was dog poop 10 feet away from SLO City-supplied dog poop bags. What is that all about? People, clean it up!

And mothers and dads who are driving their kids to school down Augusta, speeding, drinking coffee, and talking on their cell phones going to Sinsheimer school: You have precious cargo in the back. Slow down as well, and put your cell phones and coffee down!

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