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Stand up for Dan DeVaul

Avila Beach



For the life of me, I can't understand why the community is not in an uproar about what is happening at Sunny Acres.  A 65-year-old man is continuing to care for 39 people (most of whom are our own citizens) while county administrators harass him for having too many "things” on his own land (which his family has owned since the 1930s). They take his vehicles that are his capital and now threaten to haul away his mobile homes.

This man saves our county millions of dollars each year. Dan receives NO financial backing from any public entity, nor does he receive money from all who live there. Many of those residents are disabled and can not pay.  Dan provides a safe place for them to live anyway, out of the creek beds and off the streets.
How do I know? From first-hand knowledge. I volunteer at Sunny Acres. Dan is a good man who really cares about helping others who are less fortunate.  Come on folks: Let's get behind this man who has done more for others in nine years than many of us will be able to do in a life time.

Please call your supervisor at the Board of Supervisors’ office at 781-5450 and let him know how you think Sunny Acres can be saved, so it can continue to help those less fortunate among us. We owe Dan at least that. In these uncertain times in a shaky world, it's our duty to take a stand for what we know to be good and lets help our fellow men and women who have fallen on hard times.

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