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Start with charity in our own borders

San Luis Obispo



Regarding the president’s May 19 speech: Charity begins at home, and our “home” is our homeland: the USA. President Obama told us we must invest (give) Egypt and Tunisia our money so they won’t “be saddled with the debts of its past.” And “it will stabilize and modernize the economies.”

How about America’s debts of the present? Allow Congress to stabilize and modernize our economy by cutting all the waste and corruption from our budget. Then all the president has to do is sign the budget. He can do it “transparently” and no one will know.

We are charitable with our fellow Americans first. After we get our homeland working with dignity, then we can afford to be charitable with the world. Those Americans who want to send their personal dollars to foreign countries can do that, but our government must not act as an intermediary charity fund with our tax dollars. That’s unconstitutional!

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