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Stop oil trains in their tracks



San Luis Obispo County cannot legally require Phillips 66 to make oil trains safer because only the federal government has authority over rail traffic. Investigators in Mosier, Oreg., determined a flaw in the Union Pacific tracks caused the recent oil train derailment, explosion, and fire. Our county’s Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors do, however, have authority over land-use decisions and permits, and can—and must—reject the permit application of Phillips 66 for an oil train rail spur. That’s why they should reject it: because our county cannot require any conditions or enforce any measures for emergency response, routing, tracks, or operations. 

Come to Mitchell Park in downtown SLO for a rally and march on Saturday, July 9, 12:30 p.m. Mayor Arlene Burns of Mosier, Oreg., will be our keynote speaker. Hear her firsthand report, a warning to us all. Do not let SLO County be the next Mosier.

-- Gina Whitaker - San Luis Obispo

-- Gina Whitaker - Arroyo Grande

-- Gina Whitaker - San Luis Obispo

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